Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach teases exit in season 10 announcement

Below Deck favorite Captain Lee Rosbach has teased his exit in a season 10 announcement.

During a trailer for season 10, the ‘Stud of the Sea’ can be seen making an announcement to the crew who appear to be in floods of tears.

In the clip, Captain Lee, who was previously absent from My Seanna’s opening voyage in season 9 due to issues related to atrial fibrillation, can be seen walking with a cane.

As the clip plays, Captain Lee says: “My mind is there, my heart is there, my body just won’t cooperate.”

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Although the clip hints at his exit, Captain Lee remains cryptic as he says: “So I’ve made a decision.” His castmates and crew began to cry as the announcement was made, so it’s likely to be sad news.

Mainstay Captain Lee Rosbach has been with the show since its inception in 2013 and has previously addressed rumors that he was leaving, which began in 2021 when he entered into his logbook: “Well, here we are, one more episode in the books. Not sure how much more of this I can take and [we’re] only part of the way [through].”

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The ‘Stud of the Sea’ addressed rumors at the time saying: “No, I have no plans to leave. I’m still having way too much fun.”

“My health is doing fabulous. Everything is back under control and looking better than ever. I’m feeling great. Just before we started this interview, I just got back from the gym, doing my daily routine so I’m still spending two hours a day in the gym,” he added.

Considering Captain Lee wasn’t initially meant to star on the show, he will be missed – if this is his last series.

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