Child actor for Song Joong Ki’s role in ‘Reborn Rich’ is being praised for his exceptional acting skills

JTBC‘s newest drama’Reborn Rich‘ starring Song Joong Ki is receiving a ton of attention and praise.

The drama, which aired its first episode on November 18, recorded a national average rating of 8.8%, according to Neilsen Korea, after just two episodes.

In the 2nd episode that aired on November 19, Yoon Hyun Woo (played by Song Joong Ki), the head of the future asset management team under the Planning and Coordination Headquarters of Sunyang Group, is reborn into Jin Do Joon (played by Kim Kang Hoon), the youngest son of the Sunyang Group family, after being shot.

Yoon Hyun Woo falls into shock after finding out that he had been reborn as the youngest grandson of Jin Yang Cheol (played by Lee Sung Min), the first chairman of Sunyang Group.

Afterwards, Yoon Hyun Woo had to attend Chairman Jin Yang Cheol’s birthday party as Jin Do Joon even before getting used to his younger body.

While attending the party, Yoon Hyun Woo, who is now Jin Do Joon, witnesses Jin Young Ki and Jin Sung Joon stealing something from chairman Jin Yang Cheol. After finding out that Jin Do Joon was watching, Jin Sung Joon breaks white porcelain pottery while walking backwards.

Jin Sung Joon tries to blame that on Jin Do Joon. Jin Sung Joon threatens Jin Do Joon saying, “Everyone will believe what I say no matter what you say. Why? Because I’m the heir of Sunyang Group, and people are on my side unconditionally.”

But Jin Do Joon snickers, “You were messed up even when you were young.” Jin Sung Joon becomes angry and throws a punch when the adults show up. Jin Sung Joon began to frame Jin Do Joon as the one who broke the porcelain pottery, but Jin Do Joon was not an easy target since he was living his “second life.”

Jin Do Joon continues to expose Jin Sung Joon’s actions saying, “(Jin Sung Joon) got caught stealing something from chairman” and went to take out the item Jin Sung Joon stole. Becoming angry, Jin Sung Joon continued to throw punches at Jin Do Joon.

With Jin Sung Joon causing a ruckus, Jin Yang Cheol steps in. Jin Sung Joon continues to deny that he stole anything, but Jin Yang Cheol reprimanded Jin Sung Joon telling him to stay quiet.

Jin Do Joon realizes that everything was happening the same way it happened in the past.

The next day Jin Do Joon goes to Jin Yang Cheol to meet him. At that time, Jin Young Ki and Jin Dong Ki (played by Jo Han Cheol), and Jin Hwa Young (played by Kim Shin Rok) were talking about the future campaign funds.

Jin Do Joon told them, “I came to ask for forgiveness from grandpa (Jin Yang Cheol) for yesterday,” and explained he will pay for the broken porcelain pottery. The adults mocked Jin Do Joon, asking, “Do you know how much that pottery is worth?” In response, Jin Do Joon said, “5 billion KRW, isn’t that enough for the election campaign funds?”

He continued to say, “Tell grandfather. If it were me, I would place the campaign funds on Roh Tae Woo’s side. Because Roh Tae Woo will become the president.”

Jin Young Ki rebukes Jin Do Joon saying, “Were you eavesdropping on our conversation? Did your parents teach you to do that?” But Jin Do Joon boldly responds, “No parent would teach such disrespect to their child.”

The viewers who watched this scene praised the child actor playing Jin Do Joon’s younger role.

This is because he was able to perfectly depict Song Joong Ki’s character, from his proud attitude to his sharp gaze. Many praised that the child actor was able to portray the smallest detail of Song Joong Ki’s tendencies, such as his tone of speech and how he bows to the adults.

Many were impressed as the child actor was able to even copy Song Joong Ki’s unique way of speaking. Viewers commented, “I can really believe that he is the younger version of Song Joong Ki,” “He even copied Song Joong Ki’s unique way of talking too,” and “Even his stare is similar to Song Joong Ki’s.”


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