From alcohol to bikinis: Things that are banned at Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

Football fans wanting to attend the Fifa World Cup matches at Qatar’s eight stadiums will find they can’t bring in their favorite snacks, celebrate with a drink or turn up in a bikini.

Accordingly Fifa’s prohibited items listthere’s a lot you can’t take with you to the stadiums and certain activities that are not permitted – like taking your shift off.

Here’s a deep dive into Qatar’s rules at their stadiums.

Alcohol banned

The sale of all beer with alcohol at the eight World Cup stadiums has been banned. Non-alcoholic beer will still be sold at the 64 matches in the country.

“Following discussions between host country authorities and Fifa, a decision has been made to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on the Fifa Fan Festival, other fan destinations and licensed venues, removing sales points of beer from … stadium perimeters,” Fifa said in a statement.

Champagne, wine, whiskey and other alcohol is still expected to be served in the luxury hospitality areas of the stadiums. Outside of those places, beer is normally the only alcohol sold to regular ticket holders.

While a sudden decision like this may seem extreme in the West, Qatar is an autocracy governed by a hereditary emir, who has absolute say over all governmental decisions.

No food inside the stadium

No food is allowed inside the stadium for hygiene and cleaning reasons – unless sold inside the stadium. Only baby food and medically necessary food will be allowed after being properly checked.

Food items required for medical reasons will only be permitted inside the stadium if presented with a medical certificate in English or Arabic and in the presence of the person for whom they are intended.

Any permitted food items must be packed in receptacles that are not made out of glass.

A fan takes a drink from a Budweiser cup during the Fifa World Cup Qatar at Lusail Stadium.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

A fan takes a drink from a Budweiser cup during the Fifa World Cup Qatar at Lusail Stadium.

No smoking or vaping

Smoking, vaping or the use of any other tobacco product or electronic smoking (e-smoking) device, lighters and matches is not permitted within the stadiums, including both the inner and outer perimeters (except in outdoor smoking areas, when these are made available ).

Clothes on at all times

Fans have to be fully dressed at all times and no “intimate parts” can be revealed. So taking off your shirt or wearing a bikini is not an option at these matches.

One Argentina fan seems to have broken the

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

One Argentina fan seems to have broken the “remain fully-dressed” rules at the Fifa World Cup Lusail Stadium.

No sporting equipment and inflatable items

Even though inflatable balls have been a crowd-pleaser at other events, they made the list of prohibited items at the World Cup stadiums.

Other sporting items like frisbees, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, kick scooters and electric scooters, or inflatable items like balloons are not allowed.

No “large times” allowed

Large items such as stairs, benches, folding chairs, boxes, cardboard containers, umbrellas, large bags, backpacks, suitcases and sports bags cannot be taken to the events.

According to Fifa guidelines, “large” means any object for which the sum of three dimensions of length, width and height exceeds 75cm and which cannot be stored under a seat in the stadium.

Baby strollers are permitted to be brought inside the stadium outer perimeter subject to dedicated storage facilities being available.

Flags and political/offensive/commercial items are banned

Any materials, including but not limited to banners, flags, fliers, apparel and other paraphernalia, that are of a political, offensive and/or discriminatory nature, containing wording, symbols or any other attributes aimed at discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group on account of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, birth, wealth or any other status, sexual orientation or on any other grounds are banned.

If you want to bring a flag, banner or poster it can’t be bigger than 2m x 1.5m and must be made from non-flammable material. All such items must be presented at the stadium entrance for inspection by the event organizers.

Fans will have to hold these banners up as flagpoles or banner poles of any kind are banned.

Any promotional or commercial object, apparel or other material including those that are deemed promotional or commercial in nature but event organizers are also not allowed in.

Fifa World Cup fans are seen holding a banner supporting Australia at Al Janoub Stadium.

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Fifa World Cup fans are seen holding a banner supporting Australia at Al Janoub Stadium.

No use of musical instruments

Those who want to make more noise or show off their musical talents will have to stick to singing.

Electronic, mechanical or manual devices that produce noise or other excessively loud sounds, such as vuvuzelas, whistles and loudspeakers are banned.

Instruments that emit laser beams, laser pointers or similar emissions are also not allowed.

No photography and telecommunication equipment

Any type of television and telecommunication equipment (including professional video cameras) or other professional equipment that is capable of recording sound and video is not allowed.

Any types of mounts for photo and video equipment, such as tripods, monopods and “selfie” sticks are also prohibited.

Drones and any remote-controlled aircraft are also prohibited.

Tunisian fans arrive at the Education City Stadium prior to the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D match between Denmark and Tunisia.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Tunisian fans arrive at the Education City Stadium prior to the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D match between Denmark and Tunisia.

No binoculars

Those who want to see a close-up of the match through binoculars are not allowed (except if used by partially-sighted ticket holders who hold a valid medical certificate in English or Arabic).

Significant quantities of paper or any rolls of paper banned

Fans can’t hoard rolls of toilet paper, so will have to stick with stadium toilet paper.

Don’t stress though, makeup is allowed

Surprisingly, small makeup elements including compact powder, shadows, blush, lipsticks, glosses and others are permitted.

Wheelchairs are allowed, but there are restrictions

Holders of a wheelchair user ticket are required to bring their own wheelchair or mobility scooter in order to access the stadium as none will be provided by event organizers due to health and safety concerns.

Manual or electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters must have either three or four wheels, a maximum width of 70cm and length of 130cm, a maximum turning radius of 90cm and turning width of 150cm, and a maximum speed of 6kph. For safety and security reasons, wheelchairs or mobility scooters exceeding any of these restrictions are not permitted inside the stadium.

No drugs

More obvious items prohibited include drugs, narcotics or stimulants of any kind, except substances necessary for medical reasons if presented with a medical certificate in English or Arabic and in the presence of the person for whom they are intended.

Medications that are not prohibited or restricted by Qatari law are permitted in quantities not exceeding a single package of more than seven different medicines (in any form, including aerosols, drops, syringes, etc.) and must be in factory packaging.

No weapons or toxins

Another category of obviously prohibited items are weapons of any kind (including for self-defense), ammunition or components of guns, piercing or bladed items, knives, cold steel weapons or objects which enable the practice of violence.

Other items banned include:

  • Explosives and detonators
  • Work tools of any kind

  • Body protection gear or corsets (unless permitted upon presentation of a medical prescription), including bullet-proof vests and items used in martial arts or extreme sports

  • Helmets as well as any other means of disguise or items specifically designed for concealing a person’s identity, except for religious headwear, medical masks and face shields.

  • Toxic, radioactive, caustic or corrosive materials

  • Spray cans, corrosive and flammable substances, paints or receptacles containing substances that are harmful to health or highly flammable

  • Bottles, cups, jars, cans or any other form of closed or capped receptacle that may be thrown or cause injury, as well as other objects made of glass or any other breakable material or especially hard packages or hard thermal boxes

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