Good Luck Finding An iPhone 14 Pro Or Pro Max This Holiday Season

Apple’s most expensive iPhones are the ones experiencing the most demand, so it might be hard for buyers to get an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

Buyers looking to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max this holiday season might be in for a rough time, as new supply chain reports suggest Apple’s high-end smartphones are experiencing the greatest demand. Although it’s been widely accepted that the base-model iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus feature the smallest of changes compared to previous units, the same cannot be said about the Pro lineup. Regardless of whether a user thinks the Dynamic Island is a gimmick or a game-changer, it’s impossible to deny that the feature has given the iPhone 14 Pro a fun and fresh feel.


The iPhone 14 Pro’s most identifiable feature — and perhaps the most compelling one — is the Dynamic Island, Apple’s fancy marketing term for its new and interactive pill-shaped camera cutout. The company’s latest high-end smartphones ditch the infamous notch in favor of both a pill cutout and a hole-punch cutout. But instead of leaving these two cutouts separate, they’re given combined functionality in software via the Dynamic Island. It is a fluid and adaptive user interface that can show pertinent and time-sensitive information, including Live Activities. Love it or hate it, the Dynamic Island is the biggest user-interface shift for iOS in quite some time.

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It looks like people are loving the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, because extensive demand for the phones is placing pressure on supply chains, according to a Reuters report. The outlet was privy to a media call with Best Buy’s chief executive officer Corie Barry, who provided inside information regarding potential shortages. “One of the places where we’re seeing a bit of (inventory) pressure is in those higher-end iconic iPhone devices,” said Barry, per the report. The Best Buy head was referencing the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which start at $999 and $1099, respectively.

How iPhone Shortages Will Affect Holiday Shoppers

iPhone 14 Pro against a black background

The supply chain issues may be related to a COVID-19 outbreak at a Foxconn production plant in China, which is one of the primary production sites for iPhones. The country has a zero-COVID policy which mandates the shuttering of locations that are hit with a COVID-19 outbreak. The limited production capacity of the Foxconn plant will result in a reduction in output, meaning that there will be fewer retail units available for people to buy this holiday season.

Apple’s supply chain is global, and worldwide events have ripple effects that impact North American markets. When iPhones aren’t on the shelves at a buyer’s preferred retail store, it might have to do with the ongoing issues overseas. Barry revealed the information about expected iPhone supply chain shortages as a way to explain Best Buy’s expected holiday revenue, which has decreased following the projections. This is significant because although Best Buy’s chief was the one to speak out about the projections, it is likely to affect other retailers around the world.

As such, it will be difficult for buyers to get their hands on an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max this holiday season. Broader supply-chain issues, like the ones documented by Barry, do not just affect a single retailer. All sellers of iPhones — from Apple’s own retail stores to third-party retailers like Best Buy or Amazon — will be impacted by the limited supply of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max this year.

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