How to find and solve Below Nornir Chest puzzle

The Below Nornir Chest puzzle is located in the Afheim realm in God of War Ragnarok. To reach the Below area in Alfheim, players have to proceed through quite a few other regions, which include the Strondthe Canyons, and the Barrens.

The creators have done a fabulous job in introducing a revamped version of the Nornir Chest. These are special chests spread throughout the nine realms of God of War Ragnarok that offer two rare items, the Idunn Apple and the Horn of Blood Mead.

Opening a Nornir Chest is not easy, however, as they are guarded by unique puzzles, which require Kratos to either light some hidden torches or brazier, These are hidden somewhere in the vicinity of the Nornir Chest, or ring a set of three bells within the stipulated timeframe.

While some Nornir Chests can be easily spotted, others are hidden inside secret chambers or locked behind doorways. Some are even protected by environmental barriers.


The Below Nornir Chest belongs to the latter category. This particular Nornir Chest is not easily identifiable. Hence, this guide walks through players on how to reach the Below Nornir Chest in the Alfheim realm of God of War Ragnarokand how to solve the puzzle protecting the chest:

The Below Nornir Chest location guide and puzzle solution in God of War Ragnarok

Follow the red horseshoe marker to reach the location of the sole Nornir Chest in The Below (Image via Santa Monica Studio)favour named, “Secret of the Sands” to activate the cave area called The Below.

How to reach The Below Nornir Chest

Use the zipline to cross across to the location of the Nornir Chest (Image via Santa Monica Studio)Kratos must use the zip line to cross the gap in a rocky formation and head over to the other side of the gate.

The Below Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution

Location of the third ring to seal inside the cave (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

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