Indonesia’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake leaves more than 150 people missing and thousands without shelter in West Java

Hundreds of young victims of an earthquake in Indonesia’s West Java have been treated at a hospital one day after the earthquake killed at least 268 people in the country’s most populous province.

The shallow 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck on Monday afternoon, causing significant damage to the town of Cianjur, about 75 kilometers south-east of the capital, Jakarta.

More than 150 people were still missing, disaster relief officials said on Tuesday, as rescuers searched the rubble of destroyed buildings for survivors.

Rescue efforts were complicated by electricity outages in some areas and 145 aftershocks, with officials warning more landslides could follow in the coming weeks.

Many of those injured were children who had been at school when the earthquake hit.

Sitting at the hospital next to her daughter, mother Siti Fatimah said: “At that time I told Fitri to wash her hands after eating, so she was walking to the bathroom, a few minutes later there were earthquakes, and it was intense.

People outside a hospital are treated on the ground and on stretchers.
Hundreds have crowded hospitals, being treated on stretchers and on the ground outside. (AP: Antara Foto )

“A wall collapsed on her from the neck down, I could only see her head.

“There was a full thermos that was hit by the wall as well, and the hot water hit her buttock and her leg, burning them.”


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