How M&M’S is making the most of its spokescandies controversy

New York CNN — Over the past year, M&M’s has been the subject of Fox News tirades and criticism from a small segment of fans — first for changing the Green M&M’s footwear and more recently featuring female M&M characters on its packaging for International Women’s Day. So this week it announced a change: Following … Read more

Fox News Flips Out Over ‘Woke’ Xbox Because Everything Is Stupid

A day after M&M’s canceled their “spokescandies” amid pushback from Fox News hosts who no longer found them sexythe conservative cable giant found its latest target for outrage: “woke” video game consoles with power-saving features. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Xbox would offer “carbon aware game downloads and updates” as part of the company’s … Read more

Cops show suspect in NYC assault of Fox News’ Adam Klotz

Police released a photo of a fourth suspect in the wild subway beatdown of Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz — who revealed in a new interview how members of the violent crew egged each other on to “put him to sleep.” The surveillance image, released by the NYPD Monday night, shows a young-looking man in … Read more

Fox News gives Princess of Wales a very unfortunate royal title during spelling blunder

Princess of WHAT? Fox News gives Kate Middleton a very unfortunate royal title during spelling blunder The graphic error that botched the Princess’ official royal title happened during the morning segment, America’s Newsroom on Wednesday Co-hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino were sharing their predictions they made in 2022 and their ones for 2023 Kate … Read more

‘Tripledemic’ viruses still spreading. What science shows about being contagious.

How can we stop the winter “tripledemic” of respiratory viruses from wrecking upcoming holiday travel and family gatherings? People know when they have covid symptoms but do minor sniffles at the end of a coronavirus infection, for example, mean they’re still contagious? So many Covid questions! It’s a good time to brush up on what … Read more

Megyn Kelly slams Harry and Meghan’s new $100M Netflix documentary as ‘insufferable’

Megyn Kelly has branded the new Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary ‘insufferable’ and speculated if the prince needs a qualified psychotherapist instead of a ‘whiny, woke annoying wife.’ Kelly was none-too-impressed by the Sussex’s much-discussed Netflix debut, which most have reviewed as an out-of-touch whine-fest that continued to propagate the tired narrative about the difficult … Read more