Future humans living on the Moon and Mars may one day live in homes grown from mushrooms

They will one day be homes for humans on the Moon or Mars, but for now, the first test extraterrestrial habitats are being built on Earth with the help of an unexpected material: mushrooms. American architecture firm Red House is working with NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Bits and Atoms … Read more

Enter the Hunter Satellites Preparing for Space War

Rogers’s last job for the government was leading teams within the US Space Command that planned how and when to deploy defensive and offensive military space systems. He and his cofounders, Dan Brunski, Tom Nichols, and Kyle Zakrzewski, also former Air Force and Space Force officers, “knew the problem better than anybody else, dealt with … Read more

Exoplanets are worlds orbiting other stars

Artist’s concept of exoplanets, or planets orbiting a distant star. Image via NASA/ Tim Pyle. What are exoplanets? Exoplanets are planets that orbit a star other than our sun. The prefix exo comes from the Greek and means outside; these worlds are far, far outside our own solar system. Astronomers have confirmed more than 5,000 … Read more

Green comet expected to be visible for first time in 50 millennia | Space News

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is visible with binoculars, telescopes and in some areas, the naked eye – and it will grow brighter. A green-hued comet is expected to be the most visible to stargazers on Wednesday as it shoots past Earth and the sun for the first time in about 50,000 years. Discovered less than … Read more

Lucy spacecraft to visit an asteroid this year

Artist’s concept of the Lucy spacecraft making a close flyby of an asteroid. Image via NASA. NASA’s Lucy spacecraft is in the midst of three Earth flybys that will ultimately fling it to the main asteroid belt and Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. In October 2022, a year after the spacecraft’s launch, Lucy made her first flyby … Read more

How to view the green comet in Florida

Statewide — The celestial visitor, the famous green comet, is set to make an appearance and a local astronomer has some advice on how to view it. The green comet, officially known as C/2022 E3/ZTF, might not be as bright to the naked eye as many expect, said Jonathan Sabin, the president of the Local … Read more

Long time no see: unique comet approaches earth

Comet C/2022 E3, last seen by, among others, Neanderthals and Denisovans, is approaching Earth again. It will be best visible in the Polish sky on February 2. It has last visited the Solar System 50,000 years ago. The comet was found in March of the previous year. Its orbit was calculated, and it was discovered … Read more

Webb observes Chariklo’s rings during occultation

Click to animate. | This video, composed of 63 individual observations by Webb on October 18, 2022, shows the asteroid Chariklo passing in front of a background star, in an event called a stellar occultation). The asteroid is in the center of the field. Notice the little dip in light just before the star passes … Read more

Aurora Australis: Why do travelers flock to the Aurora Borealis, when Australia has its own Southern Lights?

The Northern Lights are known top travel bucket lists and draw countless travelers to the world’s arctic regions — but many Australians are unaware that an identical phenomenon is visible in their own backyard. The Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lightstakes place above the South Pole and is regularly visible from Australia’s southernmost state. WATCH … Read more

Stargazing could soon be a thing of the past as satellites clog up space

The downlink beams from internet satellites are also millions of times more powerful than the sensitive sources radio telescopes are trying to detect, which could hugely hinder or confuse the ability to detect signals from space. In 2021, a signal that scientists first believed was the ground-breaking discovery of a gamma-ray burst from the oldest … Read more