Mysterious blue spiral appears in the sky over Hawaii

It may have an eerie, UFO-like appearance, but this mysterious blue spiral in the sky has a far more mundane explanation. The spectacular sight – which baffled skygazers over Hawaii – is actually part of the aftermath of a SpaceX rocket launch. It was caught on camera by the Subaru Telescope, located at the summit … Read more

Weird Blue Spiral Spotted in Hawaii Night Sky, Japan Observatory Explains Mysterious Sighting

A strange blue spiral that swirled quickly was seen in the night sky over Hawaii. The mysterious origins of this sighting are explained by the Japan Observatory. Mysterious Blue Swirl A strange blue “flying spiral” was spotted in Hawaii by a Japanese telescope camera. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s Subaru Telescope shared the bizarre … Read more

Stargazing could soon be a thing of the past as satellites clog up space

The downlink beams from internet satellites are also millions of times more powerful than the sensitive sources radio telescopes are trying to detect, which could hugely hinder or confuse the ability to detect signals from space. In 2021, a signal that scientists first believed was the ground-breaking discovery of a gamma-ray burst from the oldest … Read more

Falcon 9 Rocket Sets New Payload Weight Record During SpaceX Starlink Launch

The Falcon 9, loaded with 56 Starlink satellites, at the moment of ignition, on Thursday, January 25.Screenshot: SpaceX SpaceX’s freakishly reliable Falcon 9 continues to impress. The rocket delivered 56 Starlink satellites to Earth orbit this morning, and with a collective weight of around 17.4 metric tons, it’s now the heaviest payload ever lifted by … Read more

SpaceX Deploys GPS 3 Satellites For Space Force In Its Latest Launch

AFP via Getty Images Key takeaways SpaceX launched a next-gen GPS satellite into orbit for use by the US military The company has plans for additional launches in 2023 Within the space exploration sector, there are a handful of companies for investors to invest in SpaceX launched another satellite into orbit recently to improve GPS … Read more

AstroForge Plans First Private Asteroid Mining Mission

The OrbAstro ORB-50 satellite platform will host a variety of instruments needed to evaluate the target asteroid from a distance. Illustration: Intuitive Machines AstroForge has announced an ambitious commercial mission to observe a distant asteroid—an important step for the California startup as it strives to become the world’s first deep space mining company. AstroForge seeks … Read more

South Korea’s lunar orbiter Danuri shares STUNNING black-and-white photos of Earth and the moon

It has been 55 years since Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders snapped an iconic image that would change humanity’s perception of our world forever. Known as ‘Earthrise’, it captured the planet’s tender blue color as it floats against the backdrop of the eternal night of space. Now, South Korea’s first-ever lunar orbiter has done its … Read more

Elon Musk Testifies in 3rd Day of Tesla Funding Tweet Trial

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Tesla CEO Elon Musk, known as “Mr. Tweet” by some attorneys, resumed testifying Tuesday before a nine-person jury in a securities fraud trial stemming from his 2018 tweets proclaiming his intention to take Tesla private at $420 per share. That figure, Musk said under oath the day beforehas absolutely nothing … Read more

SpaceX completes a ‘wet dress rehearsal’ with Starship ahead of launch debut

Elon Musk is a step closer to Mars after his Starship spacecraft designed to go to the Red Planet notched a huge milestone ahead of its maiden launch. The 395ft-tall rocket and accompanying craft were fueled up and fully stacked for the first time ever on Monday, as SpaceX completed a ‘wet dress rehearsal’ for … Read more

SpaceX Capsule Refitted to Carry 5 Crew Members in Case of ISS Emergency

SpaceX Dragon Endurance arriving at the ISS on October 6, 2022.Photo: NASA A seat liner from the damaged Soyuz MS-22 capsule at the International Space Station has been relocated to Enduranceconverting the SpaceX Crew Dragon to a fifth-person “lifeboat” should the crew be forced to evacuate in the event of an extreme emergency. The International … Read more