I’ve found the ultimate answer to our growing obesity crisis

Turn sideways and cast a glance at your shape in the mirror. Better still, stand straight and see if you can see your toes. Any sign of them? Nope? That stomach is in the way. Christmas was a month ago and your fat has not shifted. And whose fault is it? Who’s to blame for … Read more

Woodburning stoves face tougher restrictions

Wood-burning stoves face tighter restrictions in pollution hotspots under Government plans to improve air quality. New stoves will have stricter limits on how much smoke they can emit every hour in official smoke control areas, as part of new five-year green targets. Ministers are also putting pressure on councils to crack down on illegal burning … Read more

Chelsea stayed within FFP rules despite £500m transfer spending

A British-record deal to bring in Enzo Fernández for more than £105 million will take Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital’s spending past £500 million in just two windows. In the January window alone, Chelsea spent £288m, compared to the £190m spent by the 78 clubs in France, Spain, Germany and Italy combined. Here Telegraph Sport … Read more

How the typical British diet is fueling the risk of cancer

Foods that make up half of the typical British diet are fueling the risk of cancer, a major study suggests. Scientists said common daily fare – including most breakfast cereals, breads, snacks and convenience meals – appears to be endangering the nation’s health. A number of studies have previously been linked “ultra-processed” foodswhich are mass … Read more

Jeremy Hunt plays a waiting game on fuel duty freeze

Jeremy Hunt has opened the door to freezing fuel duty for another year as he was grilled on tax cuts by backbenchers. The Chancellor said any decision to take such a move, which would save motorists billions of pounds, would depend on “what the finances are at the time”. Drivers already hit by high prices … Read more

The Wonder Material Of The 21st Century That’s Disrupting Se…

(MENAFN– News Direct) Vancouver, BC | January 31, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time Pixabay When most of us think of industrial materials, we typically think of steel, aluminum and concrete. But, there’s an emerging high-tech material that’s so revolutionary it recently earned a Nobel Prize. Graphene has 200 times the strength of steel. It … Read more

The ADHD self-diagnosis ‘industry’ offers a quick fix that doesn’t exist

Amber Leach, 40, says she realized she had ADHD in 2021 after seeing entrepreneurs discussing their diagnoses on Facebook. “I thought, that’s me,” says Amber, who runs the marketing agency Established By Her. “My whole life, I’ve struggled to sit still and focus. Then some projects I’ll hyper-focus on to the exclusion of everything else, … Read more

What can we learn about morbid obesity from Britain’s fattest man?

Our relationship with people like Barry and Charlie is complicated. We look at them through our fingers, fascinated, shocked, sometimes appalled. It’s their own gluttonous fault, we tell ourselves. Barry’s fame came before the body positive movement at a time when popular culture was fixated with morbid obesity. Fatsploitation The late noughties were a period … Read more

Why HRT may have health benefits beyond menopause

Preventative measure Instead of thinking of HRT as a replacement therapy, Dr Newson believes it should be considered a ‘hormone support treatment’ with the new, safer formulations enabling individual patients having access to it earlier as a preventive measure if they wish, rather than simply as a treatment only for menopause symptoms. “In the past … Read more

Don’t scrap powers to overrule the EU in Northern Ireland for a quick Brexit deal, Sunak said

Lord Frost said: “It’s entirely reasonable for the Government to see if it can reach a worthwhile deal with the EU over Northern Ireland, but it has already weakened its hand to get one by halting the Protocol Bill. “So it’s crucial it doesn’t abandon the powers in the Bill altogether, in case it can’t … Read more